Saturday, January 19

Rurouni Kenshin

*after watching Rurouni Kenshin OVA
Yaaaaaa, even each characters aren't as beautiful as in their anime or manga (man & woman are same, 'beautiful'), they tried their best ^^
With the same costume, hair-style, accent, even it had same Era (periode). The action is spectaculer, never watching a real-samurai's life life like this before. Poor for the sound, it looked like an old-concerto, too classic, didn't rise your heart-beat. Hmmmm, soso laaa..

Anyway, I said the same statement in many times: "Megumi should be beautiful", "Megumi is beautiful", "Megumi is more beautiful than Kaoru", and she does.. At least, I had this thing right, xixixixi.. Megumi should be a beautiful n sexy doctor, absolutely a HQ..

What's the name of the policeman or officer? Doh, I forgot it, he seems like Jay Chow. And the naughty lil-boy, he looks like the little boy in CJ7, Stephen Chow's son (actually, he is a girl, she does). For Kenshin himself, not bad. And for Kaoru, poor Kaoru, I was expected more..

My last argument, this is cool for me.. Watching an OVA of my favourite's anime, they brought my old memories.. Banzaaai!!

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