Monday, January 7

don't do math

Simbok always reminds me: "never do math with God"

That's sound easy, isn't it?
I can do that on my overage.

But, when I'm in fit or even lack, I still calculate everything..
I should make sure that, on that time and next time must be RIGHT. Minimize the worst possible.
I will not deny that money is a X-factor #HumanBeing

Based on 2 samples above, we knew that we'll 'get' it back again #LawOfSowingAndReaping
From sample-1, we'll get more..
From sample-2, we'll get more.. even multiplied..

This doesn't mean that we must give to get more. Tet toot, absolutely wrong. Just do good things, without calculate it.
Never do math with God, that's not your job

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