Saturday, January 19


Talk about this topic before..
It's remind me on senior-high-school's time. Suddenly, a boy told me, "you are battosai.."
I don't have any scars on my cheecks, I had short-hair and never been tied (on that time), my hair was brown-black (teacher will punish student with colour-hair), I didn't have katana or sword.
Guess what, why did he tell me like that?

Right now, I have a red or brown long hair, a straight one, sometimes I tie it up. Still haven't any scars on my face (remember, I'm a woman), and didn't have sword too. Even, sometimes I really copycat Kenshin's style (his hair). I'm enjoy it so much ^^

Hmmmm, some parts of mine still have a battosai's side, that's originally me. Hope that you never meet that cold-person-before..

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