Monday, February 20

you know everything ? (part 2)

I really couldn't make it..

Was there any regret? Of course, baboo..
D-2, D-1, D-day, H-6, H-3, H-2, H-1, H-0, H++
I was thinking about what could I do there with them
# only my imagination (

Now I can't mess with time, it's so risky..
and sacrifices must be made again
# over and over again

Anyway, I always be grateful to know them
One of them said that, she was afraid to be separated from the lovely people right now. While those thought has appeared many years ago in my mind, even to this day, this time.
At least, we had the same feeling, the same basic right now, then we could realize what is the 'important' thing..

# I took from from Oprah's statement
It's a honour for me..

# and this is mine
I'm not looking for a 'sorry' or 'thank',
'cause I'm looking for you..

--- my answers from my bottom of my heart ---

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