Tuesday, February 21


... today was a day of mad for me ...

Start with the alarm clock that didn't ring
then woke up in a hurry at my departure hour
just washed face and brushed teeth quickly
I didn't eat, even drink too # woot

Everyone still slept,
and I couldn't say hello or even a bubye T__T

Go out with no preparation at all == ....

Right now,
I realized that all missions (for today) fall apart
I was going for nothing [mangaaaaaap..]
Aaaaaah, I don't want to responsible if I can't make it again
lalalalaaa~~~ # entertain myself

At least,
I have a lil story that made me smile and proud
When Simbok is at home,
If we go home, she would be happy to open the door for us, welcome warmly and ask about our day..
If we have to leave the house, she would open the door for us, make sure that nothing left behind, give some messages and advices, say goodbye, and see our departure..

Nothing can change this scene, and I am blessed with all of these
It would be our beautiful habit too

There's always room for family - Vin Diesel (Fast Five)

--- naaaaaah, looking for another 'nothing' ---

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