Tuesday, February 28

lee seung gi - because we're friends


lee seung gi - because we're friends

ulgo inneun ne eokkaereul gamssaryeoda
I was going to embrace your shoulders because you were crying
soneul naeryeonoko marasseo
But I just put my hand down
chingujanha chingujanha chingujanha nan
Because I'm a friend, a friend, a friend
eochapi neoege nan geunyang joheun chingujanha...
I'm just a good friend to you

neorul apeuge handaneun geu nyeoseogeul chajaga ttaerigo sipeotjiman
I want to go to that guy who is hurting you and punch him but
motajanha motajanha motajanha nan
I can't, I can't I can't
geurae bwatja neoui chingu isangeun nan andwaenikka
Anyway, I can't be anything more than just a friend

neoreul walkak ango ipsureul kkok matchugo
I want to suddenly hug you, kiss you on the lips
nollaneun neol dallaemyeo o neol
Comfort you, who would be surprised
haebokhage hal sarameun narago
And be the one who will make you happy
malhago sipjiman jumeolgeul kkwak jwijiman
I want to tell you these things but I only clench my fist
gyeolgugen mal motae nan o nan
Eventually, I can't say those words
bigeophage nae gaseume pinggyereul dae, chingujanha..
Like a coward, I make an excuse for my heart - we're just friends

ppeon han neoui geojeori nan museowoseo
Because I'm afraid of your obvious rejection
chingujocha mot hal geot gataseo
Because we might not be able to even be friends
saranghae neol saranghae neol saranghae neol nan
I love you, I love you, I love you
geu hanmadi neoege jeonhago sipeun mareul sumgyeo
I hide those words that I want to tell you

* repeat

haruman deo gidarimyeon nareul hoksi bwa jujin anheulkka
If I wait one more day, I wonder if you will look at me
uneun neoreul bol ttaemada
Every time I see you crying
gaseum teojil deut yeori bada ureo
I get so mad that my heart feels like it will burst and cry

naega apeun mankeu nae mamdo apeujiman
Although I hurt as much as you hurt
nunmureul samkiji man o nan
Although I swallow my tears
hangeoreumdo deoneun ne gyeote motga
I can't go a step closer to you
chinguraneun mallo nae mameul sogimyeonseo
I deceive my heart saying that we're just friends
babocheorom ulmyeonseo gyesok
And like a fool, I just cry inside
geoteuroman joheun saramcheorom malhae chingujanha
And on the outside, pretending to be a good person, I just say, we're friends

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