Tuesday, January 17


... momento is momento ...

Before I forget, I wrote it ^^
* something impossible
I got great experiences with my Chingu, actually it was a similar 'scene'. Deja vu, those were deja vu, and I like this deja vu very much.. And I'll waiting my next 'scene', xixixi

[1] BC
I remember, it was the last time (at that time) I could see BC, because BC had to go home in the morning..
During the early morning, we awoke from our sleep. Just sat on the stairs, waiting for the morning sun. Then I got that 'scene'. Probably, because we were still sleepy or BC had the same feeling with me, didn't want to part.

[2] Cho
Cho is different.. Cho likes to be spoiled, and childishness is funny for me. So, we do the 'scene', when Cho wants it. As much as Cho likes, anywhere and anytime (LoL).

[3] My J~
At the very very unpredictable time. It was a blink 'scene', but I still got it.. xixixi....

Trust me, it's all just a coincidence.
Scene that only happens when we are in the sleepy mode

--- great coincidence ---

[Spore 20120106-11]

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