Wednesday, January 18

our 'OST' song

... victoria, victoriaaa ...
this was our 'OST' song when we played in Spore

The Background Story
On the first day, we needed a place to stay at night. We didn't sure to stay at hotel, so we decided to search another place..
Our Position was from V Hotel. Hmmmmmm, where was this place exactly?
About somewhere in Lavender St., and.. dunno.... [dhueeenk]

Our Target
[1] China Town :: It was impossible to go there again, because we didn't know where the place of residence owners and it was far from us.
[2] Little India :: It wasn't safe to live in here [sound of the wind]
[3] Kampong Bugis :: Tadaaaaaa, the closest place with our position ^^

Please, take a look at this map

click and zoom me

Blue Zone :: Overview map that we had [read: that we had].
Green Line :: We always thought that our hotel was V hotels, V = Victoria hotel in area marked A. All we needed to do was tracing the path of VICTORIA Street.

And this was the beginning of our adventure,
lost since the beginning..
[glodhak.. glodhak.. glodhaaak....]

[singging] look at the sky ~~~

Red Zone :: Our position, not in the map that we had brought [read: we weren't in our map, and this was the most ridiculous and funny].
'ngak.. ngaak.. ngaaak....' [voice crow]
Red Square :: V Hotel, Lavender St.
Purple Line :: Kampong Bugis, next destination, but we never got there T___T
Black Spots :: That was our footstep, so galau [bitter.. bitter.. bitter....]
Black Circle :: Somewhere we called Vietnam frontier, we thought we became targets of Vietnam's snipers
'ngak.. ngaak.. ngaaak....' [voice crow]

[singging] look at the star ~~~ [eh...]

How about my GPS ?
You know what, we love "Dora the Explorer", all we needed was a MAP..
*Dora can't use GPS, poor Dora >_<

The best experience
We got tired, upset, hungry, and LOST. But we could JOKE & LAUGH along our way.
No matter what happen, I was grateful to share this experience with the people I love, my Chingu.
And that's what I'm looking for exactly..

If I have question: Would you feel it again ?
Jebaaaaaal, better not to get lost, but can joke & laugh merrily, hahahaaa..
I don't want to listen to the voice crows again

Back to the Story
When Yonghwa sing :: Oetoriya, oetoriya, dara diri dara du ~~~
we sing :: Victoria, Victoriaaa, dara diri dara du ~~~

--- one in a million chance ---

[Spore 20120106-11]

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