Sunday, January 22

Running Man

... great spirit ...

From the first day in Spore, I always thought about Running Man..
It would be a great, if Running Man team play in Spore
* Changi Airport is so large or using MRT would be fun to

And the second day, [destiny] I found him

The Prince [blush]

Why I like Running Man so much ?
[1] They are K-pop Idols, and I love Korean ^^
[2] Those people could bring happiness to me [my secret time],
at least I get their spirit everyday, even in Spore, hahahaaa..
[3] They are so unique, I could learn ethic-code in social life.
Dunno, they are doing some act or not, but it's definetely REAL..
[4] Maybe, I'm 'jealous' with them [a-u-uuuq....]
# singging - hope is a dream that never sleeps ~~~


Hide & Seek or Cat & Mouse
Some newbies doing that thing in Spore? It would be great scenario..
Great scenario of our lost, again n again [LoL]
Great scenario for burning calories, then 'burning' our money, healthy life + empty pocket = healthy gembel [don't try this]
And believe me, it would be really great, xixixi..

Drinking hot tea in a time
You could try this experiment, and don't blame me
Cool outside, hot inside [glodhak.. glodhak.. glodhak..]

Splashing chopstick
Forehead? Ummmmmm, I don't want to get red in there [too risky]
So, I did it on my thight [!Not-Action-Talk-Only]

[paper - scissors - stone] Mike (left) - Mine (right)

[0] I got a long one, I did it to myself, with all of my heart
[1-3] And 3 red lines from Mike [hikz, my fortune-girl went to date]
[4] I do with 200% of my power to Mike [devil]
Similiar, but NOT :p

Breaking chopstick with your fingers
There is only 1 rule: "breaking chopstick or 'breaking' your fingers"
And I was 'breaking' mine, my finger T___T

[needed 2 days or more for recovering]

Remember this, I have no regret at all
I will always do some crazy things, it is WORTH ^^

--- seum dwa ---

[Spore 20120106-11]

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