Wednesday, June 8


when I had chances to know you,
I thought you would be different

people come in our life because they need something or they have problems
*the basic of social beings

Sorry to say, those fact is suck..
I always react to you as my PRIORITY, but you act to me as an OPTION
Don't you feel shame if you build those kind of relationship with others?
It's all about your d#mn ego..
Easy come, easy go.. why don't you throw your ego away..

[singing] where is the love ~ where is the love ~~
where is the love ~ the love ~ the love ~~~

Don't you ever know?
I'm not a 'guest', I'm an 'actor', just like you
We're playing the same role in this world
I don't deserve it..

So, I crossed that line, and said to myself..
"I'm coming without any reasons, I'm coming because I want it"
*even my want is my need

Until, I met someone who taught me lot of things..
Someone who can make me laugh, dag-dig-dug, and crying in the same time
Be honest and open to others (feel free to share)
S.m.i.l.e is a simple way to face the world (my reason to smile)
Cry is ordinary (and express feelings with crying is extra-ordinary)
Learn to be wise and grateful
Love, there are no rules to love or be loved

You changed me..
Ideally, it gives me hope
A new way of living and looking at the world
Letting go of old habits, old memories
I really appreciate it,
because you're coloring my life too ^^

. . . .

I'm afraid to be that person again
Too much is too much
As an ungrateful one, I said..
I'm scared for the damage.. the same damage....
*back to the old Lee >,<


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