Sunday, June 12

jewelry - love story (lyric)

jewelry - love story

Hey, boy
This is a love story
I'm sorry

I want you, bring it back
I want you, need you now (x2)

I don't say goodbye, bye
Please don't say goodbye, bye
Baby, I'm so sorry
I love you, I'm so sorry (x2)

Eoje neowa gwaenhanillo datugo
I fought with your over nothing
Hwatgime he-eojijiago malhaebeoryeosseo
In a fit of anger, I said let's break up
Ajik jeonhwa hantongdo ojianhaseo
Since there still hasn't been a call
Neomu buranhan maeumbbuningeol NO~
I just feel really anxious

Changbakkeneun hayan nuni naerigo
White snow falls outside the window
Yeonindeureui useumsoribbun~
With only the laughter of lovers
Andwegesseo neo eopshin mot salgesseo
This won't do, I can't live without you
Jigeum neoege jeonhwareul geolge
I'll call you right now

* Neoreul saranghae, nan neomaneul weonhae
I love you, I just want you
Babocheoreom nan neoman chaja
Like a fool, I only look for you
Dashi saranghaejweo, dashi nal anajweo
Love me again, embrace me again
Naege wa
Come to me

** Naega mianhae, naega jal mothaesseo
I'm sorry, I was wrong
Ijen naege dorawa jullae~
Can you come back to me now?
Dashin he-eojijaneun mal haji anheulge
I won't say let's break up again

Neomu babogateun jijieosseo
It was such a stupid thing
Neol jeongmal hwaganage haesseo
I really made you angry
I don't wanna talk about it
I don't wanna miss a thing

Oneulbamdo neomuna keuriunde
I long for you so much tonight
Niga eopshineun naneun eoddeohge hae
What am I suppose to do without you?
Dareungeon jeongmal chameulsu itneunde
I can deal with anything else
Niga eoptdaneunge cham himdeureo
But it's hard to deal without having you
Himdeureo, himdeureo
It's hard, it's hard

Hayan nuni cheoeumeuro naerimyeon
When the white snow falls for the first time
I georieseo mannajago~
Let's meet on this street
Uri seoro yaksokeul haesseotjanha
We promised each other
Neodo ajikdo gieokeul haneunji
I wonder if you still remember


Hwennuni naeryeo
White snow falls
Keuriumdo naeryeo
Yearning falls, too
Babo gateun nunmuldo naeryeo
Foolish tears fall, too
Gidarigo isseo
I'm waiting
Saranghago isseo
I'm only loving you
Neomaneul~ OH~
I want it

Meolliseo boyeo, ni moseubi boyeo
From afar, I can see, I can see your image
Hayan nuncheoreom neo onabwa~
Like the white snow, you must be coming
Ijen neol nohchiji anha
Now I won't let you go
Neoreul saranghae
I love you

Neo eopshi nan jeoldae useul su eopseo
I can never smile without you
Neo eopshi nan jeoldae sal suga eopseo
I can never live without you
Neo eopshi nan jeoldae beotil su eopseo
I can never endure without you
Neo eopshi nan saranghal suga eopseo (x2)
I can't love without you

I love you

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