Thursday, June 9

canceled my mind

... second thought ...

I just woke up from my sleep a.k.a bochi
I saw simbok there, so I started this conversation..

Lee :: How it feels to live without any responsibilities?
* a second, I want to be free from anything

Simbok :: You don't have it, right?
* I never feel that my job is burdening me, because it is part of our life
* Simbok knew that I enjoy those part, so that isn't a form of my responsibility

Lee :: I said, how can I live without thinking about anything?
Lee :: No responsibilities at all.. Don't think anything.. Don't feel anything..

Simbok :: Aaaaaah, you want to be crazy like Seng, huh?
* Seng is our relative who went crazy

Lee :: ....
* think for a moment

Simbok :: He doesn't have responsibilities.. He never thought about his life, never..
Simbok :: Both past, present or further.. But God still take care him

Lee :: Hmmmmmm, why God still take care him?
* curious.. curious.. and curious....

Simbok :: Because God wants to remind other people after what we have done

Lee :: I canceled my mind..

--- crazy isn't the right choice ---

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