Sunday, February 28

unbreakable bonds & unconditional love

... unbreakable & unconditional ...

Yesterday (Saturday 27, 2010) I watched my favorite talk show, Oprah.. Oprah Winfrey is my best teacher. I often learn everything from her. You know what I'm thinking, right?

Oprah discussed about 2 interesting topics ::
  1. unbreakable bonds
  2. unconditional love
Bonds usually formed between human & human or animal & animal. How about human & animal? Or one type of animal to another type of animal? It is a cross-border, we called it : unbreakable bond. And when animals take part in these bonds, we would called it : unconditional love. Because animals give love and attention more than ours. We often need their presence, and they are always there for us.

I missed that moment..
Dindo was my lovely doggy and my best friend I ever had. I know that one day I'll find another best friend like Dindo. I choose that commitment :D

--- he or she still waiting for me out there ---

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