Saturday, February 6

am i dedicated enough?

... i love to dedicate in education ...

I didn't realize before, but now I am sure that I was born to dedicate in education. I am blessed with this unique talent. Why i called it unique talent? Because some peoples could not dedicate well, they have different purposes. Sometimes they were M.O.P or we knew it as Money Oriented Programming (I based on IT :p). They also didn't know about big responsibilities behind this job. They even think that teaching was a simple one. And based on my observation, I concluded that: not all smart people could teach well too....

Why I love to dedicate?
  1. The first reason: I could comprehend more about that lesson. I must prepare it before teaching and if I don't know about X, I would discuss with others.
  2. Teaching is very challenging, because it is not easy for delivering lesson to others, they have different comprehension. So I always modify my way to teach. Challenging, right?
  3. It make me more confident..
  4. I realize that I was a social one, I need others and others need me too. Then I would try to give my best to others :D
  5. I love psychological too. I could observe others intensively.

Then, peoples around me always ask me: Would I become a lecturer?
It's not a bad idea, because I love to teach :D
But from this moment, I still enjoy my status, as a lab's assistant (teaching practical work in lab), as a programmer in office and a freelancer too..

What is my next decision? My answer it: ~~~ just let it flow ~~~

--- would I become a lecturer ??? ---

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