Thursday, February 11

installation of multiple computers

... my first experience ...

This is the library's requirement :
  1. OS 1 :: Windows XP SP2
  2. OS 2 :: Linux Ubuntu 9.10 (arrrrrrgh, i'm anti-penguin ....)
  3. Anti Virus :: Avast!
  4. Office :: Microsoft Office 2003, Open Office
  5. Development :: Komodo Edit 5 (hmmmmm, is this good?)
  6. another free applications for supporting user (browser, multimedia, etc)
I got something new here, "making image file from computer system with Hiren's BootCD". Image file is (a back-up file) complete record OS files and programs that have been installed inside. After we got image file, then what should we do?
I still don't understand what is the usability of Hiren itself, but I would try to share based on my main way :
  1. first at all, complete installation of the master computer
  2. make image file from the master and save it on others drive that contains OS
  3. if you want to make restoration OS, then use the back-up image file to restore the installation
  4. look at the details here (indonesia)
(wew, I can't believe that I could write like this, because I don't interested in system computer)

--- lee still feel weirdo ---


  1. Can I make one master back up and then install (clone) it into many other computers...?

    Will it crash if the master computer and others / clone computer have different hardware specification...?

  2. @bay the way
    nice question,
    and I forgot to discuss it

    the topic is "installation of multiple computers"
    so, I mean that all computers should have same specification
    that's the theory :D

  3. but i think sometimes it will work...
    it depends on driver compatibility...

    I ever swap my hard drive with one of my mate, and it boot up normally...
    *not recommended...

    but maybe it won't run in optimum performance if we force it that way...

  4. @bay the way
    hmmmmmm, dunno....
    because it still didn't work rightly (until Thursday)
    we thought that: the problem on processing partition hard drive with some tools itself

    and after I said like this,
    I still don't understand it :D

  5. nyahahaha.... :D

    the link you gave above provides some tutorials...
    why don't you give it a try?...

  6. @bay the way
    i don't interested at computer system >,<
    sometimes it make me so dizzy

    hey, i tried at library's lab, dude..
    (even it failed or whatever)
    the point is : i got the concept and it's enough for me :D

  7. hahaha...
    who knows you gonna be an admin someday... :P

  8. @bay the way
    it is possible to be like that
    i still learning on it
    but it's difficult path for me >,<