Wednesday, April 18

wae~ [part 2]

I think zeus join the party..

who dares to make zeus angry in the early morning
and why do I have to wake up because sound that terrible
wae~ wae~ wae~~~

just imagine,
you are awakened by a noise that sounded like a bomb
# jedhieeeeeeeeeeeer....
even you felt that it still shaking
# rrr.. rrrrrr.. rrr.. rrrrrr..
and you are still semi-conscious
# dag-dig-dug-dag-dig-dug
(from dreamland to real-land)

what will you do next???
* get up from the bed
* running for your life
* saving what can be saved

I thought all of them, almost, almooost did it..
and ended with clingukan

the worst feeling I've ever had in my wake up time
and it happened twice in a row >_<

--- jebaaaaaal, don't play around with zeus ---

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