Thursday, April 19

time traveller

This is the perfect translation for Lyn - Back In Time
(The Moon that embraces The Sun OST.)
It looks like a beautiful poem

Well, I'm a time traveller right now..
Although it only happens in my dreams,
I am grateful to be part of them

lyn – back in time

As the light dims by the clouds
The memories that are as cold as the raindrops that are pounding down the window
Are grabbing onto my heart

Sunk in the longing that gets heavier as time passes
Can I travel back time?
If you hug me just like you did before
Then I will be better

I follow the wet and rainy road
And look back to our memories
The blurry rain reminds me of you
And you fill up in my tears

It scatters – the times you were with me, the memories you were with me

Can I travel back time and hug you just like before?
Just for once, even if it’s last
I’ll be better

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