Sunday, March 18

ft island - severely

every time I see this video, I'm so moved

ft island - severely

Amu pyojeong eobshi amureohji anhke keureohke neol bonaejugil
Letting you go without any expression, as if it's nothing
Maeil yeonseubhaebwahdo eosaekhagiman hago
I practiced doing that every day but it's still awkward

Useumeul boimyeo mollae uneun beopdo mae-il yeonseubhae bwahtjiman
I also practiced how to secretly cry while smiling but
tteollineun moksorie keumsae deul-gil keonman gata
I feel like my trembling voice will give it away quickly

Saranghaneun geot bodan ibyeol haneun ge
Loving is probably hundreds and thousands of times
Ama sucheon bae suman bae-neun himdeunde
More difficult than breaking up
Neo eobshi mot saneun paboinde eocheorago
But I'm a fool that can't live without you - what do you want me to do?

Jidokha-ge neomu jidokha-ge neoreul sarang-hae-nna bwah
Severely, I guess I loved you too severely
Sumdo mot shwiigo neoman channeunde dodaeche eonjecheum keuman dul su i-nneunji
I don't even breath and I look around for you I don't know when I'll be able to stop
Jidokha-ge neomu jidokhage neoman sarang-haenna bwah
Severely, I guess I loved you too severely
Neol bonaegi-ga nae-gen jukgiboda deo himdeun jidokhan ilin geot kata
I think letting you go is more severe than dying

Amuri apado amureoh-ji anhke keureohke harureul bonaegil
No matter how much it hurts, every day I practiced
Keujeo iksu-khae jigil mae-il yeonseubhae bwahtjiman
Trying to get used to spending a day as if it's nothing

Eochapi neoreuri-jjin mothal keot kata
I don't think I can forget you anyway
kochil su eom-neun byeonge apeuda haedo
Even if I'm sick with an incurable disease
Neo eobshi mossaneun paboinde eocheorago
I'm a fool that can't live without you - what do you want me to do?

[back to chorus]

Charari ireol keomyeon sarangjocha mal-keol
If this was how it's going to be, I shouldn't have loved
Eonjecheumen ijeul-kka
When will I forget you?

Miryeonha-ge neomu miryeonha-ge neoman sarang hae-nna bwah
Foolishly, I guess I loved you so foolishly
Dareun sarangeun kkumdo mot kkuge haneun neoman
Because of you, I can't even dream of another love
Neobakke moreuneun paboinde eocheora-go
I'm a fool that only knows you - what do you want me to do?

jidokha-ge neomu jidokhage neowah ibyeorhana bwah
Severely, I guess we broke up so severely
Jal karan mari mwoga eoryeowo iptul-jocha tteji mothago meomutkeoryeo
What's so hard about saying goodbye that I can't even open my lips and am hesitating?
Jidokha-ge neomu jidokha-ge neoreuribyeorhana bwah
Severely, I guess we broke up so severely
Hyungteoboda deo gipi gaseume nama neoreul ji-ul su eopseul keot kata
You remain deeper than a scar in my heart so I can't erase you

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