Tuesday, March 20

coco-crunch :p

... I didn't realize that time goes so fast ...

At first, I couldn't take it all
And I believed, it was my worst period
I just can't imagine, why I was treated like that..

I was too much, and it was too late
that's what I know

While I got this thing, hurt..
or something related to the crush of my pride
and it's really hurt..

Because of this reason,
I can forget it all ^^
# although it takes a long time

Already 1 year for someone with purple jacket,
thank you for the single word that I heard directly

And already 2 years for someone who I called, you-know-who,
thank you for your beautiful post that I read

There is still another,
and I had completely forgotten
# wekekekekekek..

If you want to remove yourself from my memory,
just pretend that you're my best in a short time,
then crush me..
I guarantee, I'll forget you

--- I'm pretty stubborn ---

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