Monday, May 16

miss this song

... ope-ope-ope ...

At he end of the worship,
I saw the next page for the preparation
and it just a closing song

wait a minute, I read the first line: "sedikit demi sedikit"
okaaay, maybe I knew it
then, I read the title of the song: "Dia ubahku"
and it seemed I didn't know it


piano-man has been entered into the intro
mc already provided an introduction
I began to enter the last page
mmmmmm, it was a familiar song

S’dikit demi sedikit, tiap hari tiap sifat,
Yesus mengubahku, Dia ubahku
Sejak ku t’rima Dia, hidup dalam anug’rahNya
Yesus mengubahku

Dia ubahku, o.. Juruslamat,
ku tidak seperti yang dulu lagi
Meskipun nampak lambat,
Namun kutahu, kupasti sempurna nanti

Ahaaa, I knew it..
This is our great memory song ^^
When I was a little child, my mom love to listen music via tape - cassete
And I always became the biggest fans too
I even thought that it was children's song

--- here I am, He changes me ---

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