Tuesday, May 3

it was a fate

... fate wins anyway ...

After I watched Grey's Anatomy, I got those statement..
"fate wins anyway"
* on that moment, I just said nice quote

Then, I started to analyze the next story..
People always hear what they want to hear..
People always see what they want to see..
People always do what they want to do..
Hmmm, it wasn't about fate anymore.
It just the hope, something that we want to get.
We would never predict a fate, because they come suddenly into our life.
* at least, that's what I still believe and respect about the fate

This morning, I didn't expect too much..
I just want to flow, I even didn't know what is my schedule today.
I hope to not hear anything..
I hope to not see anything..
I hope to not do anything..
Or maybe, I hope to find something that I miss....

And then, until 'that' moment came..
I just realized, why Meredith said: "fate wins anyway"
when she met McDreamy in the elevator.

It was happen on me..
That a-haaa feeling..
Fate wins anyway, guys ^^

--- so relief ---

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