Thursday, February 5

the genius

How to SURVIVE genius-ly..

- kill or to be killed
- don't be hasty
- need to be smart but don't too smart (no need to draw attention)
- don't move alone, make allies (more than one; though it bad or worse)
---- find loyal-ally, til the last
---- find profitable-ally, use it
---- destroy so-so-ally, no use
- don't trust others, never!
- learn how to sacrifice well

Instinctively, money is the root of all problems..
People who could say "Money isn't everything" == B*LLSH*T == TA*IK
*you can argue with me, and no matter what I'll win

So, here is my temporary recap:
S01E01: eliminated because too genius (while he's a good man)
S01E02: eliminated because so-and-so (she angered the loyal)
S01E03: eliminated because too smart & too genius (farewell Mr. Casino Royale)
S01E04: eliminated because too hasty and due to be sacrificed (Mr. Puppet T__T)
S01E05: eliminated because sacrificed wrong people (bubyeee)
S01E06: eliminated because hated by many people (finally, Mr.Dictactor..)
S01E07: eliminated because became a new threat (poor Mr Poong)
S01E08: eliminated because became a victim (too honest maybe)
S01E09: eliminated because her sly movement (Miss Fox)
S01E10: bubye Sung Gyu, you were playing to long and dangerous #clap3
S01E11: bubye Sang Min, he was a player too #salute

It just a GAME.. Please, be nice UNIVERSE~~


  1. Ini Variety show korea ya? Aku ada lengkap season 1nya tapi belum di tonton juga.

  2. wuiiih, hebaaat euy.. bisa nebak klo itu VS ^^
    dulu doyan model2 Survivor (western), kebetulan koq The Genius ini mirip
    *sudah masuk season 03 malahan

    lagi demen streaming, soalnya gag nemuin link donlot nya T_T