Sunday, July 6

moving goods

let's share a-short-story-'bout-my-currently-job..

A simple case: loading vs unloading
or moving goods

less than 1 kg: simple accessories
risk: no risk

1 to 5 kg: accessories lamp
it's common, not a big problem *lalalaaa~
risk: nothing

5 to 20 kg: headlamp, stoplamp
okay.. I can do that
risk: dirty clothes

20 to 40 kg: wool, semi-oscar, oscar
ummmmmm.. #dragging #dragging
risk: be sweaty

50 to 100 kg: carpet
next would be a-roncot-body #jegleeeeeer
risk: sweat-bath, dirty clothes, remek-n-roncot-body-until-3-days-later

And this week, I should moving 8 rolls of carpet
Could you imagine that?
* I still had shaky hands #trembling

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