Monday, June 30

lee's Graphology

Just want to describe myself, from my own-writing.. hehehee

Since I hate to write..
- because my-harsh-elementary-school's-teacher
- sometimes I hate her daughter too when remember it :v
- so I don't have confidence to write my own letter #insane-teacher
- lots of incomplete notes in class #bolong2
- I have paid-writers #sumugeh
- and I prefer to type now #shorcut

But I should write more reports in forms now #no-choice

Let's read mine..

Pressure of the strokes

- A high pressure means the person has high emotional energy. People with high emotional energy have a lot of enthusiasm for life and are often very successful. # correct
- Heavy pressure indicates commitment and taking things seriously, but if the pressure is excessively heavy, that writer gets very uptight at times and can react quickly to what they might see as criticism, even though none may have been intended. These writers react first and ask questions afterwards. # correct

Size of the letters

- Small letters mean the person is reclusive and introverted # I dont think so
- Small size can, logically, mean the opposite. Small size handwriting can also indicate a thinker and an academic, depending upon other features in the script. # this is better than before :v

Slant of the strokes

- A left slant means that the person is quiet, reclusive, and usually thinks before acting. # blush
- A left slant tendency shows emotion and reserve. This writer needs to be true to self first and foremost and can be resentful if others try to push for more commitment from them # am I ?

Connection of the letters

- Disconnected letters mean the person is imaginative and judges things according to intuition # I'm a-realistic-imaginary-person, so complicated

Based on those points, I like the-pressure-thing..
That's what makes Lee-more-Lee, and that's the real ME #grin

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