Monday, July 1


My days without you
I can’t focus on anything
Never, no more

Even if I regret, everything is over
I don’t even have the confidence to turn things around

You slightly come to me and slightly shake me up again
Oh no oh no, stop holding onto my heart
Only looking at you and crying seems so foolish of me
Oh no oh no, this is not love

Love – I pretend that I’m fine, that I don’t love you even though I do
I can’t express it, crying, crying

Love – I try to turn things around but you’re already gone
I’m endlessly crying, crying

I open my eyes and after coming to my senses, you’re not here
I rub my eyes and look around but you’re not here
I close my eyes again and open them but you’re still not here
I thought I’d be fine without someone like you but
I keep looking back at the memories of our give and take
Tears and memories spill out as if I’m vomiting
Everything is over
I’ll stop for you & me

No, I’m not the me that I used to know
I know this is just a phase
But each time I breathe, I hate you

I can’t sleep all night and I try to comfort myself, saying it’s alright
But I can’t help it, I can’t turn things back, I only have regrets that are too late
So don’t cry

Love – you were different, you changed me
Now, I think I know everything

No matter how much I push and shove you away
You are my everything that can’t leave me

I wanna go back
I couldn’t love anyone but you

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