Friday, October 5

bla bla blaa

I missed one kind of my great dreams this morning

It wasn't about play around with you, which have a good or bad effect on my morning time.
It wasn't about meet the Idols, which I could be so high.
But, it was a dramatic one, while in this case, I did it good, as good as Korean's wave..

This is about 2 girls, sisters.. At first, they had an ordinary live, until the accident happened. *dunno the detail or exact reason
The lil sister got a rare disease (Korean's style), she can't keep her short term memory, she can loose the new one anytime for a second, esp when her beat up or panic state. Nobody could 'handle' it..

Except her older sister.
Actually, she can't too, but older sister is the one that know anything about her, care and love her so much. *do you know everything?
She would make sure, that everthing gonna be 'okay'

Nah, incoming of flower boy..
Older sister likes him #dot
Once upon a time, flower boy come to the shop, lil sister work as a shopkeeper (suddenly, they had a family store) *remember, this is a dream, anything can happen here..
Flower boy met lil sister once.. twice.. third.... #here the feeling come again
If those start to come, there was a time, when lil girl in a rush and mess things. You know the next story, she lost her memory, in front of flower boy. It happened in a flash, no one can't change it. Flower boy got shock, she didn't know him and called him perverted (so Korean).
bla bla blaaa....
Flower boy knew the truth from older sister, an inconvinience truth.

That's all what I've got. I forgot what was my role in there, because I felt 3 of them *still the same, it's a dream.
Imagine, what is the end of the story.. Flower boy that doing the same things for catching lil girl continuously, we called it recursive which dunno about the break. Older sister that always take care lil girl, without caring her love-line herself? Or the lil girl, could she get a chance for living, find her healthy life, and her love story-line too..

D#mn, I still care about detail scene and unpredictable future. Why I'm so talk-active so much about this? *because I like it
Hoaaaaaahm, let's pretend to not knowing it
#closing eyes #searching frequency #hope to continue this dream as usual

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