Friday, December 17

so, which one is my name?

* this conversation occurred while I was doing interviews for making passport *

Officer :: Prepare yourself, please..
Me :: ....
Officer :: Darling, this is your first time for making a passport, right?
Me :: *eh, darling....* Yes, it is..
Officer :: So, what is your name?
Me :: Amalia
Officer :: What is your full name, darling?
Me :: *darling??? I said "Amalia" before this* I am Amalia Indranandita
Officer :: Give me your place and date of birth, darling..
Me :: *am I Amalia or darling?* Magelang, November 23, 1986
. . . .
Officer :: Where would you go abroad?
Me :: I'll go to Singapore..
Officer :: Oooh, Singapore and Malaysia
Me :: *when did I say Malaysia* hahaaa
. . . .
Officer :: Okay that's enough
Me :: Thank you, officer
Officer :: You're welcome, darling..
Me :: *geez* (smile)

I think, all of those are their habit.
And I hope, they don't say "darling" to guys, xixixiiii :p

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