Wednesday, October 27


... special thanks to Mrs.K ...

When I woke up this morning, I got confuse about what would i do today. Then, I set lots of scene. And of course, some of them were crazy idea, xixixixiiii..

Suddenly, I remembered my past
My elementary teacher, Mrs.K said to me: Lee, your hand-writing was like *Ceker Ayam* (means the worst hand-writing). After that moment, I always feel bad about my hand-writing. I never confident when I wrote in a book, especially in front of my friends.
Poor Lee, Mrs.K was keeling me softly. That's too traumatic..

How about yesterday?
Just before this day, I taught to my jun2 in front of the class. I wrote on a white-board freely, without thinking of a good writing or not. They didn't care about the hand-writing, they just need the knowledge. So, I was very myself, because I have passionate on it.

Psst.. psssst.... my hand-writing wasn't to bad :p

--- your bad student could teach well now ---


  1. Hand writing can tell the personality of the writer...

    The good news, there is no relation between bad hand writing with bad personality... :)

  2. ha3..
    alibi for yours, huh? :p

    now, for us,
    it doesn't matter we write good or bad one
    all we do is typing, xixixixixi....

  3. It isn't an alibi...
    We had printers nowadays... :D

    I think that's quite fair enough...
    there is could be a bad guy out there who has beautiful hand writing's... :P

  4. hmmmmmm....
    what about yours?
    bad guy with bad hand-writing
    bad guy with good hand-writing

    we ka we ka we ka....

  5. I am a good guy with bad hand-writing...

    But one of my colleague said it is cute hand-writing actually... :P

  6. a good guy?
    *maybe hoax..

    bad hand-writing..
    *this is the real fact..

    cute hand-writing
    are they a cute hand-writing???
    maybe he/she is "lebay" :P

  7. a good guy
    *this is the real fact..

    bad hand-writing..
    *maybe hoax..

    cute hand-writing..
    maybe she is trying to be an honest person... :P