Tuesday, August 10

the power of WORDS

... it works ...

One day, in a dawn time
As usual, I still coding my project accompanied by my lappie, my music, my messenger, my plurk and my facebook. I have good combination with them..

Then, someone invited to chat
We discussed lots of things there..
In the middle, I started my joke: "... don't come to that session, 'cause I don't come too, so we don't need to meet again ..." *my intention is giving her my signal*
And she answered: "okay, we don't need to meet.."
I thought: "ups, ....", and I tried to give another signal from me.
How stupid I am, I don't notice if this moment was the first-ahaa (doh)

This dawn time
As usual, we met and had a chat together..
Shortcut story, when she wanted to close our chat, she told me the important one. Then, I remembered our WORDS "... we don't need to meet ...", and that would happen to me. My tears dropped easily.. I couldn't think rightly when my feelings broke, and I couldn't say anything.

After a good slept
Now, I can say that you know what you need, I hope the best for your decision.
I always here for supporting you :)
I'll try to be the same..

Do you understand, the power of WORDS ?
Be wise, people..

--- trust me, it works ---

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