Wednesday, December 23

randomizing method in a group

... i don't know why ...
when i said "random" in selection members of group,
students always shocked

I had a great conversation last night with my relatives.. It's all about "randomizing method in a group". Why I chose it as a topic, these are my reasons:
  1. At the first time, it was a joke or we called it as "gojek kere". I only need TO (Target Operation) to complete my mission. Then, I said "random" to them (TO) and they shocked. Tadaaaaa, "gojek kere" was begin..
  2. This is not about revenge from my past (I got "random" too). I'm not gaining profit from this case. If somebody say that, it's just a silly thing.
  3. I learn from Getting Real (thanks to Mr.Riyono). I got lots of new visions.
  4. In the real business world, we couldn't choose our partner. We would work at somewhere, meet new guys and need new adaptation too. Is it random or not?
  5. I love to know the psychology of people around me. I love to check their personality. I love to observe the act and react law in my life.
How about the students?
I divided them into 2 classes, the diligent one and the lazy for the others.
  • The diligent class would answer: "don't use randomizing method, please"
  • The lazy class would answer: "...."
Could you imagine, why they answer like that???

--- humans are social beings, right? ---


  1. the lazy class would've answered "you know what, it's all up to you... it's not gonna bring any difference to me..."

    am i right???

  2. @wkwkwkwkwk
    before they say like that, they will reject the method first
    or mumble, right?

    the last choice is "you know what...."