Wednesday, March 16

i hate bugs

... i still can't identify 'them' ...

[day 1 - March 11, 2011]
i felt itching in my right knee
and 'scratching' always the best art

[day 2]
(on the morning)
... dhunk dhueeer ...
*atalam & insida* became friends of mine

[day 3 till now]
no *atalam & insida*
just waiting for a miracle ^^

--- anyway, i still love to scratch ---


  1. K dokter oooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. senin uda booking koq >,<
    cuman gag cocok ama dokternya ae

    jadi maw ngecek pas weekend ini
    ntu aja klo kumad lagi :p

  3. There might be pests hiding in your home. You must do regular pest inspection to keep yourself safe from bites that could possibly cause diseases. You can hire a pest inspector to do this job, if you want. I hope this won’t happen again to you. #Lucile Lynch

  4. It's better if you stop scratching those. Wash with soap and water, then rinse with disinfectant alcohol. It can get infected if you keep scratching it.

    About the invaders, just let the exterminators handle them. They're pretty good at hiding, so I'm sure the pros will have an easier time finding them. It's better to have a pest-free home! :)

  5. Though you love scratching, it can worsen and infect those insect bites. They’re really sneaky, eh? Years have passed already, and I hope you exterminated all those tiny pests. Any updates about the bug extermination? :)

    Christian Lewis @ BeelinePestControl

  6. thanks guys, I had completely healed..
    we evacuated every room, especially our beds and chairs, now it is safe ^^

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